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Embroidery House TLC NOT For Sale

Yesterday I was contacted by a very nice lady who said she had been talking with the owner of Embroidery House TLC about purchasing the business from him. Then with Gods help on both our ends she came across The Man & BusyBeingHappy and learned the real story.

Yes the seller is actually trying to re-sell Embroidery House TLC and telling BS stories about me and what went down. I already put it all over social media and now the business listing is down. I have attached a copy of the listing in PDF form that I saved this morning to show how fraudulent this all is.

I am so grateful the lady that was interested found my post. Saved her some serious headaches

Yes we here at The Man and BusyBeingHappy would call this another Shovel Moment.

TLC for Sale
Download PDF • 253KB

Faith - Peace - Love - Happy - Grateful


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