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GreenWave Cardboard Perforator

If you ship any products from home or a business then you need one of these offered by Armadillo Industrial Supply.

GreenWave 410 and the GreenWave 430 cardboard perforator - shredder.

The GreenWave 410 is a desktop model that takes up no more space than a regular printer.

The GreenWave 430 is the floor model for larger shipping jobs.

Both the GreenWave 410 and 430 take your existing cardboard that you have sitting around and turns it into packaging material. The same cardboard you have sitting around and are most likely paying to have recycled is not turned into perforated cardboard packing material.

Armadillo Industrial Supply is an authorized Formax dealer of the GreenWave 410 and GreenWave 430. Contact us at Armadillo Supply to discuss which model of the GreenWave is right for your business and shipping packing needs. Regardless if it is the desktop GreenWave 410 or the GreenWave 430 floor model the return on investment is minimal when you consider you no longer need to purchase packing material or pay for the recycling of cardboard.

Armadillo Industrial Supply is part of the BusyBeingHappy, LLC family of companies. BusyBeingHappy, LLC family of companies also includes

  • RJH and Sons Steam Cleaning provides professional residential and commercial carpet steam cleaning, as well as area rugs, tile & grout, upholstery and concrete steam cleaning.

  • Armadillo Industrial Supply which provides FlashForge 3D Printers - Formax Printers, Shredders Pressure Sealers - GreenWave Cardboard Perforator - Proton Degauseers - MBM Air Purifiers

  • Hot-N-Here which is a food truck located in DFW metroplex, also offering Private Events/Parties - Private Catering - Corporate Events - Festivals - Sporting Events





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