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Painted Nail Notes - Pre-Release Intro BusyBeingHappy

It is time. Been in my mind and my heart for along time to have a blog or even better yet a PodCast. Too many things happening in life right now for the PodCast so to get this "Painted Nail Notes" off the ground I am starting with a blog.

My goal is that within the next 60 days I can take all these posts and use them for future recordings. Stay tuned as it is going to be hot.

Some know the story, but others out there do not know the story behind the "Painted Nails". It started as a tracking device for me to keep track of the number of years to accomplish what I thought was a pretty easy goal. Get divorced - hopefully before we ring in 2023 I can get it accomplished or a third nail gets painted.

So much has happened in my life over the last almost 3 years that I figured the best title for what we are going to do here is.........."Painted Nail Notes." See I am going to write/talk about things that have occurred in my life that are bizarre, scary and things I think everyone should be aware of.

In tomorrows Release 1.0 of the Painted Nail Notes I will start to unpack a situation that has occurred in my life. If you are a business owner you will want to keep up with this story. It can really happen in America. Someone can illegally take your business and the only coarse of action is to go through the court system. No police, no arresting the person occupying the business you legally own. Literally trespassing and the police have no jurisdiction because it is civil matter.

Like I said. Stay tuned. It is going to be hot, scary, bizarre, funny, and almost to the point of unbelievable or or what you would think is a fictional movie. It is not fictional - it is happening to me right now.

God Bless and Stay BusyBeingHappy..........regardless

Faith - Peace - Love - Happy - Grateful

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