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Painted Nail Notes Release 1.0 - BusyBeingHappy

Painted Nail Notes Release 1.0

For 42 days now I have had the same feeling as the dog. Just wanting back in the business I legally purchased and still own today.

If you are small business owner in the United States of America you are going to want to follow this story. Or you could learn the hard way and be outside your business feeling like a dog.

I have learned the hard way that if you purchase a business from an individual they can abruptly change their mind, violate all contracts and just change the locks and take it back. WORSE YET - they are spreading dishonest information about me, my family and what is really going on all to cover up their own lies and protect their own reputation. #RobsNameMatters

Yes this is really happening in America, worse yet the Great State of Texas. Seems unreal.

So, "Painted Nail Notes" is about clearing my name, exposing bizarre almost untrue things that have happened. We will also cover starting a business with teenage boys, what is like to get divorced in the State of Texas and anything else that will make me and everyone around me BusyBeingHappy.

See, even with the current situation in my life - sleeping outside like a dog. I personally find a way to be BusyBeingHappy. Everyone in the world has problems and some A LOT worse than mine. So spreading BusyBeingHappy, Faith, Peace, Love, Happy and Grateful are more fun then my own drama.

In closing I will clearly state the following.......

I am the legal owner of Embroidery House TLC, however the business has been taken over illegally. The person or persons currently operating Embroidery House TLC are in violation of all signed contracts and interfering with my business.

Have a hot, sexy, exciting and BusyBeingHappy agenda for tomorrows release of "Painted Nail Notes" Release 2.0. Black and White is the title. In black in white I will list out the FACTS regarding the business I purchased. Additionally there will be an extra special guest and section - fake Police Reports.

God Bless and stay BusyBeingHappy...........regardless.

Faith - Peace - Love - Happy - Grateful

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