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Release 2.0 - Black and White....The Facts

Painted Nail Notes Release 2.0

Black and White - The Facts

On July 15, 2022 I purchased Embroidery House TLC from the "seller". Within the first five days of owning the business I questioned the "seller" about the financials they presented at the "For Sale" and what I was seeing now that I had full access. The past numbers were not adding up and traffic (sales) was not happening.

After some more investigation I found out that sales were down 50% and 70% for the two previous months before my purchase. The business was basically bankrupt when the "seller" signed all the legal documents. The business I was sold was not producing enough income to pay the rent and employees. Original financials I was presented by the "seller" showed a monthly average PROFIT exceeding $7k. WTF

The story does continue to get better, but it did not need go this way. I gave the "seller" every opportunity to answer about the "For Sale" financials, and within the first 15 days of owning the business asked for a refund. Yes I asked the "seller" if they would take the business back - they said NO and that they had already informed too many people about the sale. They also then proceeded to inform me that I should take money from my 401k to support the business. Yes lucky for me the "seller" always had plenty of personal financial advice on how I should use my personal money to support the bankrupt business they sold me.

Fast forward early August. This does not mean the above were ever cleared up or addressed, just need to move on........a lot more to cover.

I did make the payroll payments, rent payments and utilities with personal money because the business had NO BUSINESS - I kept it a float with my money. Through the entire ordeal the "seller" and I were in continuous communication regarding the situation, they knew I was using personal money to keep it a float and that I never planned on this. I stopped paying my sons for their work with the carpet cleaning business to pay for this mess. Again. the "seller" knew all this. When the time came to make the payment to the "seller" for the seller financed portion I informed the "seller" I did not have the money. Shouldn't have been a surprise to him......

Shortly after telling the "seller" I did not have the money we met in person inside their other business next door and came to an agreement regarding the payment - this meeting occurred on or around August 16th. The "seller" followed up with an e-mail confirming we made good progress and they sent the info to their attorney to put together. Hold on it gets better here..........yeah I know one of those - "Here is your shovel. Keep Digging" moments.

The "seller" also took the time in the same e-mail to tell me (not financial advise this time) that they had been contacted by a very prominent customer of Embroidery House TLC and they (the prominent customer) did not like the new attitude of the shop and were investigating buying their own equipment. Why does that make it better? Because, when I confronted the "seller" for the contact info for this unhappy prominent customer I got the same as with the financials - HOT AIR. They never turned over the contact, and always told me they first needed to make sure it was okay to give me their information - remember I own the business so the customer contact info should already be in my hands.

La De Da.......Keep digging...... Ye.

On August 18th I met with an attorney for obvious reason and they took on the case......for obvious reasons. On August 19th I contacted the "seller" and informed them I had retained an attorney. Didn't want to use them but the "seller" and I needed to negotiate a contract for this business and clean up the lease agreement. The "seller" and I verbally agreed that they would get back to me by 5pm on 8/22. The conversation that day between the "seller" and I went okay and I really thought I would hear back from them on Monday. I did not.

On 8/23 the "seller" changed the locks and stole the business and everything in it. Yes they had their attorney send a letter, but it is Bullshit because even if they were going to foreclose the contract clearly states there must be a 30 day cure period. Hell I barely owned the business for 30 days and the payment surely isn't 30 days late.. Gets worse yet......shovel please.

After the "seller" did this not a single employee called to inform me the business had been taken over - I was attempting to contact the shop manager to see what was going on. I was out of town when the "seller" stole my business and they knew I was going to be out of town. What did the "seller" tell the employees - no way it was the TRUTH and that is the worst part of all this. The "seller" has been trashing my name since they stole my business all to protect their reputation and lies. Not fair they can ruin my name when they are in the wrong. #RobsNameMatters.

Better yet..........shovel please

On 8/23 after changing the locks and stealing my business the "seller" on two separate occasion sent me an e-mail instructing me to stop contacting their employees. They sent the following........

First e-mail

Can you please stop contacting TLC employees. We are very busy with orders and no one needs to be distracted.

If you need to have any conversations regarding Embroidery House TLC. You may contact myself or my attorneys as they are working on this project.

Second e-mail

In case you didn't receive my last email, I'm sending it again. You are continuing to call and text my employees. Please stop this activity, it's interfering with my business and disruptive. My last email was sent to you around 12:45 pm. Your last disruptive call to my employees was around 3:45 pm

Your text and calls to the employees are confusing and harmful.

Again, if you need any communication, you may contact myself or my attorney.

Please stop this unnecessary activity.

Love how the seller mentions, "we are very busy" (really), "attorney working on this project" (project? - protect your name?), "disruptive", "confusing", "harmful". Sad when someone thinks it is okay to put their actions on someone else. Me is this case and it is stopping NOW.

Let's not leave out that the "seller" also filled a false police report against an individual that was working with me at Embroidery House TLC. As of last week that report is closed because it was false. Teaser - tomorrows release of Painted Nail Notes will breakdown the real story around the police report. It includes changing passwords, deleting company info, not having a transition plan, and a bunch more. It will be sexy, it will be hot and it will be BusyBeingHappy

Like I stated paragraphs ago - it did not need to go this way. The "seller" of Embroidery House TLC is the one that created their own mess. They are the one holding the shovel and it is very sad......they just keep digging. Not happy it had to go this way but I want back what I legally purchased. Been over 40 days now and need to wait until October 25, 2022 to MEDIATE. Yes that is right now I get to mediate with this "seller" over something I own. More bizarre then my divorce but I am sure the mediation will go the same way as the divorce. #RobsNameMatters

Other "Here is your shovel moments"

  • All the "sellers" others business are contractual bond to by from Embroidery House TLC. Only hot air they shared with myself and my ESM at breakfast. No contract ever produced.

  • The all time fav from the "seller" - "I have an addendum for that" and then follows it up with a sketch in red crayon

  • We will see what they say on the stand - "seller" comment regarding the employees the financials

  • I hired a CPA to go through the financials

  • The CPA had Covid for a couple of weeks. Yep even through Covid at the problem but not even a couple weeks passed from hiring the CPA to them having Covid for a couple of weeks

  • "Sellers" bizarre e-mail on 8/23 - unpack this one in a future release. Malice!

  • A personal fav - the day the "seller" told me I should "Shut Up and Listen"

We they say on the stand - "seller" comment regarding the employeessmf ssmfssmss

Faith - Peace - Love - Happy - Grateful

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